Ed-vise Episode 75

What up what up what up!?! Bit late for a GOOD MORNING but enjoy it none the less.

Today’s bit o trivia: The Hartford Convention. Like they say about those that don’t know history. Well, back in 1812 we went to war with Britain…again. Lasted a few years and led to the rise of Andrew Jackson. Still, before his big win in New Orleans, there were a group from the Northeast who were pissed about going to war and pissed about the south and, well, just plain pissed. Politics has ALWAYS resulted in pissed off people. Well, these Northeastern folk got together and came up with a few things they wanted to put into the Constitution. Like one term for a president; no more 3/5ths advantage in the south among a few. So, in 1815, three of the convention members descended on DC with the intent of giving everyone there a piece of their mind. Unfortunately for them, news came of Jackson’s victory and they were looked at like Ted Cruz… treasonous!


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

HOLY CRAP!!! As you know, I have inherited a bunch of hand tools that are pretty cool. I also informed everyone that I will do 1 hour daily to learning and mastering these tools.

Well, I did an hour yesterday, and an hour today. AND I AM SORE!!! My office muscles are not, and I repeat NOT, ready for that kind of work.

Which brings up the tech side of things about work hardening.

My daughter just started a new job at a hospital. This requires her to come to work earlier than she normally did in the past. Which results in her having to wake up early. It takes conditioning to maintain the discipline of getting to bed early and getting up early. Especially if you haven’t done it before.

So too with work. Working with your hands means using your muscles. Many in the upcoming class of workers have NOT engaged their muscles in tasks that they will need to perform. So, you should break them in a bit slower than normal or else you will BREAK THEM quickly. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember wisdom comes from bad decisions…and lucky guesses.


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