Ed-vise Episode 76

A heavy hearted GOOD MORNING! to you all. Heavy, probably like the rest of you, from yesterday’s shit show. However, today is a new day and we will make it AWESOME!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: Caroline Meriwether Goodlett. Ever hear of her? Well, you will now! See she founded the Whores of Babylon group in Tennessee back in 1894. OK, just kidding, the group is not the Whores of Babylon. Instead they are the Daughters of the Confederacy. This group was based on the dream that an organization would have as one of its objectives “that of keeping alive the sacred principles for which Southern men and boys fought so bravely.” In addition, it’s Reaffirmation of the Objectives wants to make sure that “True History” is taught. See, Caroline’s “True History” was that the Civil War was about unfair taxation of the south and the only bad slave owners lived in the north and that slaves in the south loved being owned. Just let that sit with you for a minute


Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today

I have a new name for the Confederate flag: The Rag of Ignorance. I like it and just made it up this morning on my walk.

The thing that simply stings me the most is seeing that dirty diaper being paraded around the nations capital. Not only that but the US flag standing beside it and people arm in arm (so to speak) with that SOB who walked around with it.

I felt betrayed. Why? Because there were US soldiers in the crowd WHO DID NOTHING about the fact that this symbol of stupidity, this icon of hatred for everything that is the Constitution and the United States, warranted as much respect as the US flag. I would feel much better today had I been able to witness one of the US flag holders beat that bastard down. But, I didn’t.

So, to Think About It, I guess if you’re a suck ass loser like those rioting in DC yesterday, then you would have nothing but love for a symbol of losers called the Confederate flag. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if the south would have won, we would live in caves!


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