Ed-vise Episode 77

Happy Friday to you all and a rain drizzle GOOD MORNING!! Hershey and I cut short our walk this morning as the rain started coming and Hershey didn’t want to walk more in the rain. Yup. That’s exactly what he told me!

Today’s bit o trivia: Anna Davenport Raines. Well, in 1864 General Sherman and his band of Merry Men took a casual stroll across Georgia. When they came to Savannah, he told all the Confederate officers to take them and their families and GET OUT! Little Ms. Raines (then Davenport) packed up her stuff and went along with all the other families that SUPPORTED A BUNCH OF LOSERS and left. They eventually ended up in New York and later back to Georgia. She then decided that the “south will rise again” and set up her own little Confederate memorial society and later became good buddies with the other whore of Babylon (Daughter of the Confederacy) Caroline Goodlett. Together, they brought all the other similar organizations together for a great big group that became the Daughters of the Confederacy aka the Whores of Babylon (as I see them).


Free For All Friday Ed-vise today

I’m still a bit pissed at that shit show in DC Wednesday. The sight of that Rag of Ignorance parading through the capital just burns me up.

The Daughters of the Confederacy (DoC) don’t help. Why? Because it is they who put forward the education of southern children about the righteousness of the Southern States “Peculiar Institution” of slavery.

On their website, you will find their proclamation. In that proclamation they point out that they do not associate with organizations that are racist. Fine. However, the very nature of their objectives are racist.

In the objectives, they point out they want to “assist WORTHY Confederates in securing a proper education.” WORTHY Confederates. Guess what? A WORTHY Confederate was NOT a black person. So, how does this group maintain status as a tax exempt organization in 33 states and the District of Columbia? Racism won’t end with groups like this. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the insurrectionists that stormed the capital on 6 January 2021 killed a cop.


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