Ed-vise Episode 81

Well HELLLOOOOO and GOOD MORNING! Yeah, I know, I missed Think About it Thursday. One too many things going on.

Today’s bit o trivia: Singapore. I know, everyone thinks this is just a beautiful and exotic city in Asia. And it is. But it has some super strict rules. Not flushing a public toilet: crime. Graffiti: crime. Not rinsing off construction vehicles as they leave a construction site: crime. The elevators have sensors to detect if someone urinates in it. If you do, it will shut down and trap you until the police arrive. Back in the Clinton administration, an ‘Merican kid was caught vandalizing cars. He received 5 wacks with a cane across his backside. It was supposed to be like 10. Clinton’s State Department petitioned for the lesser sentence because the 10 probably would have killed the kid. The big headline was “Clinton foreign policy success; gets reduced sentence of 5 from 10.” Nice place though… very clean.


Free For All Friday Ed-vise today

No big changes out there but things are getting tense. Primarily because too many people are emotionally connected to the events in DC… and the person who should be leading us through this darkness, STILL cannot believe Biden defeated him.

So, in Free For All I want to chat about what I told my son this morning: “Things are tense because politicians are not listening.”

And that is true. How many different hearings have you seen? Probably none because you are better than that. I, well, I have seen a few. And you know what: NOTHING HAPPENS! NOTHING. No change; bill introduction; law; nothing. The “Haves” are getting more and the “Have Nots” are gaining nothing. And people are starting to get pissed.

When you have BOTH sides of the populace, liberal and conservative, doing what you have seen recently, if means BOTH sides are being ignored and BOTH political parties need to WAKE UP or face the consequences. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember BOTH sides of the coin share super similar issues.


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