Ed-vise Episode 80

GOOD MORNING and Welcome to the 80th Episode of Ed-vise!!! Yup. The big 8 & 0!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: USS Vincennes. That right there is an ‘Merican destroyer. Missile cruiser type; one each. Well, back in 1988, Iran was getting frisky and the US doesn’t tolerate any country (of lesser military power) getting frisky. Word came down the pipe to Captain Will Rogers III, that a Pakistan ship had come under Iranian attack. So, he took his ship over to Iranian water and sunk a few Iranian gunboats. Mind you not at random but these were hostile boats and there was a bit of confusion. At the time of all this action, an Iranian Airbus passenger airplane was some way, some how, mistaken for a fighter plane. It was climbing upward into the sky as it took off out of Tehran. That was the lasts straw. Capt. Rogers and the USS Vincennes tried to radio them as that plane continued it’s climb away from the fight. With no response, they shot it down killing some 288 people. And Pompeo calls Iran bad people… Crazy.


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today

I love this day! Really do. Why? Because it gets me thinking as well.

I learned that Starbucks has a training for their employees about how to deal with upset customers. It gives the employees a chance to use the Starbucks basic tools and create scenarios on their own. The employees then deal with that scenario using the Starbucks stuff. Great thinking on Starbucks for this type training.

Well, take a look at the DC mess that happened last week. Ask yourself “What would you do should a riot suddenly break out.” What would you do?

I guarantee that the majority of those representatives believed that capital police would take care of the mob. Never thought something like that would happen. And never planned. Which is why you saw people ducking down in the seats very similar to the actions taken at the mosque in New Zealand. Remember that one?

A little bit of role playing would have gone a long way. Further, if capital police would have taken a page out of the playbook of Rick Rescorla (9/11 hero), they would have conducted many drills about evacuating and/or confronting such a mob. I mean, how could they not? Congress is a lightning rod of emotions and animosity. How could they not have planned for a mob? They don’t read my blog. THAT’S HOW! I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember NONE of the so called leaders in Congress had the guts to stand up for the Constitution when a constitutional crisis took place.


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