Ed-vise Episode 79

It’s raining…again…or still GOOD MORNING! Ugh! So much rain turning my backyard into a swamp!

Today’s bit o trivia: John C. Calhoun. You know that photo of that jackass carrying the Rag of Stupidity through our nations capitol? Well, Calhoun’s picture hangs in the background oddly enough. And I bet that both assess are simply giddy with the hatred they have and are sewing in this nation. See, Calhoun was from S. Carolina. The Carolinas LOVED slaves. Everything about them except for freeing them or seeing them as anything other than human. Calhoun created the Calhoun Doctrine which said the federal government could not prevent a person from taking their property to any of the other states. Well, since slaves were considered property… you get the idea. Now, convince me otherwise that Calhoun was not a racist or his bastard son the moron with the Rag of Stupidity the other day.


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

Learned something new these past couple days. And if you haven’t then you are not applying yourself.

It’s has to do with habits.

I am reading The Power of Habits and I learned that you never, physiologically speaking, lose habits. See, your brain always remembers the habits you create. And yes, you create habits.

Think of it like riding a bike. You rode a bike when you were younger (or probably still do). You learned the balance until it became a habit. You learned how to make it go faster so it was like a habit. How to scan, do jumps and wheelies, all of it. Anytime you can do something without thinking, well, that is a habit. Thus, you learned to ride a bike.

As we got older, we stopped riding bikes. At least I did to the extent I did when I was younger. However, were I to get back on a bike, BAM! I’m back on it and away I go. That is the power of habits. They don’t leave us, they just fade a little until you re-engage them.

Thus, whenever a certain “Fearless Leader” opens his mouth and thus lies, you automatically know it is a lie because, you have the habit of identifying that his mouth is open and is thus, lying. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember politicians DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!


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