Ed-vise Episode 93

A chilly GOOD MORNING!!! to you ALLL!!! Although chilled, Hershey did a great job walking this morning. An owl and it’s owlet (baby) sparked his concern.

Today’s bit o trivia: Valentin Louis Georges Eugene Marcel Proust. Why would a parent name a kid that? Because life ain’t easy for a boy named Sue so they named him Valentin Louis Georges Eugene Marcel Proust to keep him from getting beat up on the playgrounds of Paris back in the late 1800s. He was a novelist who put together a book called In Search of Lost Time. It has a French name as well. This novel spans 7 volumes, 4,000 pages, and has some 2,000 characters. Not letter characters; people type characters. There is currently a project going on that spans the globe where people are reading a few pages at a time. The project is being made into a movie and is scheduled to wrap up in 2052. DA FAWK?!?! Yup, you can watch part of it on YouTube… if you feel like wasting some time HAHAHAHA


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

Gonna chat a bit about nutrition because I saw that commercial for oat milk on Sunday. My opinion: that was not a good commercial. Again, MY OPINION.

Let’s get a few things straight on this.

First, it’s not milk. It is blended up oats in water. Maybe some flavorings get added for taste.

Second, it does not have the nutritional value of cow milk. Why? BECAUSE IT’S FRICKING OATS IN WATER!!! MAYBE SOME FLAVORINGS. Otherwise the nutritional stuff gets added by a line worker somewheres.

Third, there is no challenge in making oat “milk” so what’s the point? I mean cut down some oats, put them in water and blend them up until you can suck it through a straw. Add some flavoring and “PRESTO” you have this beverage. You know what? YOU CANNOT MAKE ICE CREAM WITH IT! I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember never trust a tree… THEY’RE SHADY!!!!


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