Ed-vise Episode 94

Colder and snow in the forecast GOOD MORNING!!! to you all!!! Not a fan of cold… no sir; I don’t like it.

Today’s bit o trivia: Matthew Henson. Ever hear of him? You heard of his buddy Robert Peary of course. Peary thinking he was the first person to reach the North Pole. Eau Contraire mon Fraire! See, Peary employed Henson, not because of his race (Henson was black) but because Henson was a sea faring individual AND could read and write thanks to the sea captain Childs. See, Peary got tired and a bit sick along with some possible frostbite on his toes. So, Henson acted as lead scout with 4 Inuit locals. Henson went ahead and crossed over the North Pole. Then, realizing he overshot, backtracked and stood atop the North Pole… First.


Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today

It starts with a question: Is it possible to put lipstick on a pig?

I say yes

See, I am a safety consultant. Been doing safety for some time. I have a belief that nobody, NOBODY, should have to pay the price of injury or death for the profit of another.

Amazon and Tesla are hug companies. HUGE. And they injure their employees on the floor ALL THE TIME! All of these injuries create a bit of an image problem for these two companies. So, what do they do, they hire on a VP of Safety. Or, in similar situations, they hire on a VP of Compliance. When a racial issue finally gets acknowledged they bring on a VP of Diversity and Inclusion. VP, VP, VP for anything that gives them a bad image.

And all if it goes really OK. I mean, the first year or so, these companies make a change. They create a blip big enough for the CEO and complicit board of directors to say “look, we made a change!” The lipstick is applied.

The pig? Well, that is the profit line. See, all of these VPs will take a back seat at the table when it comes to shareholder value. Don’t believe me? Check out any of the major oil companies. They ALL have a VP of safety. They ALL talk about the value of stopping work when the employees see an unsafe act. They ALL value it… until you stop the flow of oil. Stop the profit flow because someone is going to get killed and you will get a pat on the back, RIGHT…OUT…THE…DOOR. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember Peter Pan… NEVER-LANDS! Get it?


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