Ed-vise Episode 112

A cold and hour earlier GOOD MORNING!!! to you all!!! My Newbie celebrated a bit of a shindig this weekend for a 4 year celebration. Had to direct her head a bit to blow out the candle! Don’t worry, Daddies here!

Today’s bit o trivia: Ides of March. Get out your Ides tree and get to decorating because it’s time for the Ides of March!!! Time for the carols and treats; dishes and meats! Get your fat boy pants on cause we gonna FEAST! I just made that up. Today marks the 2065th year that we remember the assassination of that late great guy Julius Caesar! See, back in 44bc, if the senate didn’t like you, they didn’t wait for an impeachment. Nah! They would get together and stab you to death. That’s how ya do it!


Monday Musings Ed-vise today

Great weekend this go round. Even if it was topped off with stupid daylight savings. One Native American story goes that when they were told about daylight savings the Wise One said “Only the paleface would believe they can cut a foot off the bottom of a blanket and put it on top to make a longer blanket.”

I been following the mess and butt hurt statements on various social media about the end of the world. That is the removal of some of the Dr. Seuss books. You would think that these people lost their birthdays. Then, the memes show up about the “Whose Its” coming to take away the bible.

So, here’s my musings. After looking at the people that posted the tearful “whoa is me” I realized something: THE MAJORITY OF THEM CAN’T READ! Literally! Add to that, if they can, they have not read the Dr. Seuss books in question. Add to that, they have no idea what those 6 books are titled. Add to that they have no idea that those 6 books were NOT SELLING WELL ANYWAY. Add to that these same people HAVE N-E-V-E-R READ TEH BIBLE!!! My god people, stop watching Fox News and think for yourselves! I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you eat beans and onions you will fart teargas! HAHAHAHA…EWWWW!


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