Ed-vise Episode 113

A clear and cold GOOD MORNING!!! to you all!!! Cold Hershey walk this morning. Didn’t seem to bother him cause he just walked on like a happy dawg!

Today’s bit o trivia: The Massacre at York. In a bit of irony, back in 1190, in the town of York, the entire Jewish Community was massacred. See, a few guys (Richard Malebisse, William Percy, Marmeduke Darell, and Philip de Fauconberg) owed a bunch of money to the Jewish money lenders in York. Why? Because they tried to buy their way into King Richard I court. Well, rather than set up a reasonable payment plan with monthly installments, they managed to spin up the town of York like Trump did with his MAGAts, who then took to the streets and killed off a bunch. The remaining Jews fled to Clifford’s Tower. Some chose to renounce their faith (murdered by the mob); others chose to stay and died in the burning of the tower. Ironic because this was the start of the Crusades to free Jerusalem from Islam.


Technically Speaking Tuesday Ed-vise today

Quick tech note: Yesterday found a typo. In my rantings against non-readers I created a typo. Has nothing to do with reading but everything to do with proof-reading.

OK. Now to the Technically side of things.

A bit of conspiracy theory as it relates to Harry, Meghan, the British Empire, and good ol ‘Merica.

Article II section 1 points out that only natural born citizens AND/OR citizens of these here United States (at the time of adopting the Constitution) can be president. Easy enough…sort of…at least for Meghan.

Now, after 14 years living in ‘Merica, it is presumed that Harry and Meghan will both be at least 35 years. Technically speaking they could run for AND become President of the United States! Uh Oh! That would mean the British will have finally taken over ‘Merica! WHAT!?!?! Is that possible? Technically…yes. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember rabbits painted on a bald man’s head… LOOK LIKE HARES!!! A-HAHAHAHAHA…SNOOORT


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