Ed-vise Episode 114

Overcast GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! In case you were wondering it has been 15 years since I came home from spreading democracy through the barrel of an M-4 in Iraq. Yeah ME!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: #FreeBrittany. Huh? I can hear it now…Huh? Yup. Some trivia on a hastag …about Brittany Spears. Brittany has been around for a while. Since the 90s. Teenager who rocketed to the top of the Billboard charts. And, PLENTY of controversy though I don’t think it was all her doing. There were plenty of people that invited her on talk shows that treated her down right poorly. Well, she had a meltdown and her dad took over her money and medical decisions. Put them into a conservatorship. Basically took her ability to decide away from her. Well, in 2018 she decided she wanted her life back. So she hired a lawyer to get dad out. She then said she will not perform until he is out! Which then inspired the #FreeBrittany movement. And now ya know…oh baby baby!


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today… I do love this day!

In a recent podcast with Seth Godin he said that his biggest regrets came from his Inaction versus is Action. Couldn’t agree more. And yet there is so much inaction in the world today. Which is why I put these scenarios out there for you. So that you, at least, will have a plan.

Here’s the scenario: You work for a major pharmaceutical company and just discovered that the testing procedures for one of the most profitable drugs, are flawed and inaccurate. Ignore it and you place many lives in danger. Report it and you risk your livelihood and your reputation.

Many of your co-workers probably noticed the same flaw but have said nothing. Others have reported and were initially ostracized and later terminated “for cause.”

Oh the ethical conundrums.

See, this is where inaction happens A LOT! And it is why many companies end up getting the ever-loving shit sued out of them. Someone knew something and did not report it. Inaction. GM is being sued for it; Pfiezer is being sued for it. And many more will end up that way too.

In the safety world, employees deal with this all the time. If the employee is non-English speaking, the problem gets worse. I recently consulted with a company that had a severe injury. The employee was intoxicated. Worse, his co-worker (who was his nephew) KNEW IT! Now, everyone is dealing with the fallout. Inaction by one (nephew) has led to a mess of problems.

Think nothing will happen if you don’t speak up? Think again. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a fake diamond is a SHAM-ROCK! HAHAHA – No?- shrug.


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