Ed-vise Episode 115

A spotty bit of rain GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Well good afternoon anyway. Hershey walk had sneaky rain. Random drops on the head. Very sneaky

Today’s bit o trivia: Sgt. Bill. This Sgt. was a hero from WW1 (the Great War…as if there was one). On one occasion Sgt. Bill heard an incoming artillery shell on it’s way towards him and three other soldiers. Bill pushed the three into a trench and himself, saving them all. On another occasion, Sgt. Bill cornered several enemy troops in a different trench fight. He has the medals to prove it at his resting place in Saskatchewan, Canada. Even had himself court martialed a couple times for fighting and eating the company roster. See, Sgt. Bill, was a goat. True story


Think About it Thursday Ed-vise

Man! Talk about some negative acts happening all over the place. My heart goes out to those in Atlanta who ended up victims of, at a minimum, a deranged mind, but more likely, a blatant attack based on their race. Then, as I was looking at headlines, more and more attacks on the Asian community were showing up. One in Frisco saw the assailant get a nice ticket the the “All You Can Eat Ass Kickin Buffet.” He picked a fight with the WRONG Asian woman.

Which leads me to the Think About It segment. It seemed the more I looked for attacks on Asian people, the more turned up. Which is EXACTLY how the algorithm works. EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS!

See, if something pisses you off while reading on the internet, you have a tendency to research the facts of the thing OR you end up looking around for similar occurrences. With our great invention of the internet (and it is great don’t get me wrong), the programmers set it up so the searching and scrolling gives you EXACTLY what you “want.” And what happens? You get more pissed off and more pissed off and, eventually you end up doing really bad things. All because YOU fed the algorithm. YOU told the algorithm what YOU wanted and the algorithm gave it to YOU. Think about it. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you date a geologist, they will always find faults in you. Get it? Geologists; Faults. Oh forget it.


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