Ed-vise Episode 120

A spooky moon GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Hershey walk this morning under one of those moonlit mornings like in any fairly descent horror flick…way cool

Today’s bit o trivia: The Suez Canal. Currently sitting as every delayed project’s best excuse. Why? Because it is blocked by a massive container ship! So, if your project is delayed, simply tell the customer that a necessary part is on a ship waiting to get through the Suez Canal. Turns out this Big Ass Ditch actually is responsible for easy passage for about 9% of global trade between the eastern and western worlds. It also is easy passage for the bulk of European oil. This sucker was actually started in 2000bce by Sunusret II or Ramsesses II. But, it had so many labor problems and strikes along with the wrath of God that it wasn’t completed until 17 NOV 1869 and has been going strong ever since…well…almost


Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today

We are all subject to the outcomes of our decisions. Even if we don’t think our choices will impact us, well, some would call it Karma.

So, Think About It today. As you recall, Colorado endured another mass shooting. Person with an AR type weapon. Ten days prior to the incident, the City of Boulder passed a gun regulation to ban open carry of such style weapons. I doubt it would have made a difference but it was an effort. Six days prior to the incident that organization that has been so bastardized by a man who is responsible for it’s demise (Wayne Lapierre), the NRA managed to get a sitting judge to overturn the ordinance. Done so on the grounds that the City of Boulder did not have authority per recent legislation, to pass such an ordinance.

And now, the Honorable Andrew Hartman must face the 10 consequences of his decision. The judge could have relied on recent Colorado Supreme Court rules that said yes the city could (in a round-about way). He could have sided with the city just as easy as he could have sided with the NRA. The choice he made will sit with him for ever.

Judges make decisions like this all the time. Some judges are genuinely evil and corrupted. Others, well, they were just better at finding answers in a library and managed to end up in a judges seat. They really aren’t much different than you or I. They are people bound by the laws put in place by you and me. That is exactly how a judge has to do their job. Otherwise, they will act on their own passions and make crazy decisions…just like you and I would do! I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember you can never smell what a fish is cooking! Whoa…wait just a doggone minute!


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