Ed-vise Episode 119

A HOLY CRAP That was a hard workout last night GOOD MORNING!!! to you all!!! Body tired to road work so some yoga started the day.

Today’s bit o trivia: Kaprekar’s Constant. I know I know you’re all saying the same thing: “What is that?” Well my curious minds, Kaprekar’s Constant is 6174. Yup. 6174. Apparently if you take four numbers and arrange them in descending order and ascending order, then subtract the two, after a few iterations of doing this you will end up with 6174. For example, take the number 3214. Arranged in descending: 4321. Ascending: 1234. Subtract the smaller from bigger and you get 3087. Do the exercise again. 8730 – 0387 = 8343. Again. 8433 – 3348 = 5085. Again. 8550 – 0558 = 7992. Again 9972 – 2799 = 7173. Again 7731 – 1377 = 6354. Again 6543 – 3456 = 3087. Again 8730 – 0378 = 8352. Again 8532 – 2358 = 6174. And that can also be referred to as boredom


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. Although I love this day, it sucks how it comes about.

As you all know, Colorado endured yet ANOTHER mass shooting. This one shortly after Georgia. Colorado now has 4 mass shooting events since (and including) Columbine. And, the same thing happens: people see something and do nothing. Why? Because they don’t know.

So, here’s the scenario: You spot an individual with an assault style rifle, walking alone in a parking lot. The parking lot is in the city. Not a small town or rural community. A city.

What are you thinking? Do you know what you will do? Have you made a quick plan. Will you ignore the situation and quietly sneak away? OF COURSE YOU WON’T! Why? Because you read my blog.

Anytime you see an individual (male or female) walking around with an assault rifle, by themselves, think immediately: BAD! BAD! BAD! BAD! Now, take action.

If you spot it, outside a place of business or public area, go back in and get someone to verify what you see. BE VOCAL! It is now time to start making a scene so you need to get over your childhood inhibitions and start using your “Big Voice.” Because people’s lives are in danger.

Keep this one little thing in mind: if this is an active shooter and they spot you, they will start to raise the weapon at you. So don’t stand in front of a big glass window and keep moving.

People in Boulder did start taking action inside which made an impact in saving lives. People moved out. They hid; they ran to the back; employees directed them out of the back exit. It kept a bad situation from getting worse. Much respect to those who took action. I will happily buy them a beer. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember basketball players are terrible eaters because they always DRIBBLE!!! BWAHAHAHA…tear.


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