Ed-vise Episode 118

A cold hands GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Early morning drivers startled Hershey and kept him from doing his “big job” in a timely manner. Nothing like bearing down and having to cut it short!

Today’s bit o trivia: Fort Pillow. No. Not “The Pillow Guy’s” house. Did he go off the rails or what? No, Fort Pillow is a national park in Tennessee. I bring up this fort because the Tennessee Republicans are all butt hurt because the Tennessee Historical Society wants to remove a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest from their capital. Keep in mind that Republicans, at the time in 1864, condemned Nathan for his actions. Why? Because Nathan massacred surrendering troops! After he took the fort, many were attempting to surrender. Rather than act as a “Southerly Gentleman” he felt it much better to shoot and kill anyone that was not armed. So, when a Tennessee Republican says they support the troops ask them if they support the acts at Fort Pillow.


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

Man, o-man, o-man! Did I pick up a ton of information about cells and fat and insulin and diet stuff. From podcasts of all things. So, today, gonna talk a bit of tech about biology so if you don’t like biology…TOO BAD!

For instance, Insulin Resistance. This is the thing for Type 2 diabetes. As you probably have heard we ‘Mericans eat waaayyyy tooo much sugar. Sugar in the body goes around and does it’s thing. Insulin floats around and goes up to a cell and says “HEY! CELL! Take some of this sugar and break it apart into energy and water.” The cell, being the good employee opens itself up, let’s a sugar molecule or two in, and does what the job description says. Too easy. And they love their job.

Now, when a whole bunch of sugar comes in, Insulin keeps banging on the cells saying “DO YOUR JOB!” Well, eventually, the cells get together and talk. Then they say “we don’t have to take this” and they stop listening to Insulin. So, they don’t take in anymore sugar. Thus, they Resist the demands of Insulin.

Now, during the protest, their exists cells that cross the picket lines. They are called Adipose or “fat cells.” They come up to Insulin and say (in Jabba the Hut voice) “We’ll take care of this sugar.” Insulin gives them the work. And these cells take in the sugar like an all you can eat buffet! And they get HUGE! Take a few away, like physically remove them (liposuction), and the surrounding cells will take up the space. And it gets worse from there but I don’t have the space. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a Pistachio in space is an ASTRO-NUT! Wait for it…wait for it…HWAHAHAHAHA!!!


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