Ed-vise Episode 122

A GO BEAVERS! GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Beaves headed to the Elite 8 against a tough Houston team. GO BEAVES!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: Shot Clock. That’s right. A bit of trivia around basketball, since it is March Madness. Back in the early days of basketball, scores were super low. The lowest being 19 – 18 between the Pistons and Lakers. What would happen is teams would get the ball and hold it until the other team physically took it from them. Danny Biasone said “this sucks” and came up with a plan. He figured a time limit of how long to shoot would make the games a higher scoring affair. So, the games he liked (higher scoring) averaged about 120 shots per game. He divided that by the amount of time in a game (48 minutes) and, VOILA! 24 seconds became the shot clock time for the NBA. College didn’t come around until the mid 1980s.


Monday Musings Ed-vise today

Started reading a new book (go figure). It’s called Succeeding as a Management Consultant. by Kris Safarova. Right out of the gate it got me thinking. About what? Ethics.

There were too many great statements made by Kris about ethics and about living your values.

I’ve come across many statements about ethics in my life. The one that always stands out is that ethics is what you do when nobodies looking. However, this seems a bit mushy. Kris points out that usually, ethics comes up where the law is silent. Meaning actions where the law does not cover the action or the law is not enforced or where the law is clearly wrong. Chew on that for a second or two…”Where the law is clearly wrong.” Is that possible in today’s day and age? In Good Ol ‘Merica? I say “Yes.” It shows up every day. In fact it just happened in Georgia.

The new Georgia voting restriction law has in place that you cannot give food or drink to a person standing in line to vote. (SB 202, Sec. (33)). Now that’s not very nice. Especially when it gets kinda hot down there. Ethically speaking, if a person in line falls out from heat exhaustion, your first aid actions could land you in jail. However, you will know you if you acted ethically if you acted or not. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the sun is a big ball of fire that burns…without oxygen. Think about it.


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