Ed-vise Episode 123

A post Beaver run at the championship GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Beaves couldn’t push past Houston so, as my wife says “Good Effort!”

Today’s bit o trivia: Friedrich Miescher. Or Froderick depending on your Mel Brooks movies love level. So Miescher was Swiss. He wasn’t born a bit deaf but contracted a case of typhus (not from Typhoid Mary) and lost a bit of his hearing. It bummed him out a bit but not enough to delete him from the pages of history. See, he wanted to study lymphocytes. But his drinking buddy Felix Hoppe-Syler said “No dude! Study neutrophils!” So, wanting to be invited to all the cool parties, Miescher followed his buddy Felix into neutrophils and later discovered RNA. Just like that back in 1868. And Twitter went CRAZY!!!


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

I once put out there that we tend to create new problems every time we create something to eliminate problems. Well, today is no different and the theory still holds true.

As you all know we have a “vaccine” (for lack of a better word) for the pandemic. Wonderful! I do mean that.

That vaccine is based on mRNA doing whatever it is that mRNA does. RNA does wonderful things with cell DNA. It helps make you, physically, who you are. We humans have been working on this little bit of protein for some time. Playing with the letters and injecting the final thing into whatever mammal we can find to see what happens. Add to that the use of CRISPR technology and cell type diseases like sickle cell have a cure. Which brings up the problems.

What do we do when we can edit the cells to start allowing us to live longer? What impact will that have on future economies, supply chains, resources. How about “Super People?” Freakishly strong and fast athletes. And so on and so on.

Technology advancement, although necessary and amazing, come with a price. Sometimes the price is relatively low. Other times, it has a steep and expensive price. What will the technology of “vaccines” built with mRNA bring to us? I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember you count cows with a COW-culator! Wait for it…wait for it…BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


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