Ed-vise Episode 129

A bit late on this one GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Well, good afternoon anyway. Colleague leaving the company so meetings galore about it.

Today’s bit o trivia: King Abdullah II. I’ll call him King. He happens to be the king of Jordan. Currently until otherwise. Funny thing is his mom…she’s only a princess. Princess Muna who was divorced from King Hussein of Jordan. So, one would think that, since she’s not a queen, no soup for King. After all, Queen Noor has a son named Prince Hamzah. He’s younger than King. Well, when Hussein died, everyone thought his brother Hamman would be the king. But, if you make your wishes known before you die (like in a will…hint) you get to pick your successor. And that fell to King who, in June of 1999 became King of Jordan. It’s good to be king


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. I do love today because there is so much going on!

Recently two door attendants were fired in New York. Why? Because they don’t read my blog on Wednesdays of course! Well, maybe.

They were fired shortly after an Asian woman was attacked outside the apartment that the men worked at. The attacker had a visible knife. There was also a third person who witnessed the attack…and did nothing.

Apparently the men were fired because they allegedly closed the doors rather than help her. I blame the company for this failure of humanity. Why? They knew good and damn well this was a potential situation and they probably NEVER trained (properly) these two on how to deal with the situation.

Did the company expect the men to directly intercede? To become physical with the attacker? If so, were these men trained in how to do so or was the company simply hoping that a couple of “big guys” could handle it like many companies do?

What would you do in similar situations? Did anyone train you on how to deal with this type situation? With an attacker who has a knife?

If you are an employee that deals with the public walking past your establishment or with them in your establishment ask your supervisor what you should do in that situation. Demand an answer. It really is the difference between someone’s life and death. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you boil a funny bone it becomes Laughing Stock! Get it! (Windshield wiper laugh with snort)! Oh…damn…that’s HUMERUS!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!


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