Ed-vise Episode 130

It’s warming up GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Hershey all kinds of excited to go on his walk this morning. Practically put the leash on himself. Big job a block early!

Today’s bit o trivia: Prince Hamzah. He is the reason I went down this Jordan Road. Hamzah is the son of Queen Noor. King is son of Princess Muna. Muna was divorced. Noor was widowed meaning the king died. Guess who was the favorite son of daddy king? Not King Abdullah II (current king). Now, it wasn’t like daddy hated Abdullah. Wasn’t like that at all. Just, well, Hamzah was the cool younger brother while Abdullah was all about rules and stuff. Well, when Abdullah became king, Hamzah was next in line. Abdullah in 2004 said “nope” and stripped Hamzah of his “next in line” status. Gave it to his son. But he couldn’t strip Hamzah of his Cool Kid status and that is the current rub! More tomorrow


Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today

OK. This one really caught my eye. In Iowa a dude decided he didn’t want to wear his mask because he felt it was far more important to keep the world in a pandemic than to do his part. Let’s call him Slick Rock.

Well, there was another individual who was more adamant about ending the pandemic and informed Slick Rock that he was failing humanity by not wearing his mask correctly. Let’s call him Hero.

Slick Rock and Hero then stepped outside to debate which led to Slick Rock doing the dramatic cough and spit saying “if I have it, now you have it.” That is an important statement so put a pin in it, we’ll circle back to it.

Hero then proceeded to kick the shit out of Slick Rock. Police came and broke it up. Did a quick check on the two and discovered Slick Rock has priors…UH OH! Priors being prior jail time.

Now, Slick Rock is facing the possibility of 10 years in prison because Iowa has a belief in mandatory minimums for repeat offenders.

Now, back to our pin. There have been criminal charges on the felony level for people having unprotected sex knowing they have HIV/ AIDS. Intentionally infecting someone with a lethal virus, knowing you have the virus, can amount to murder. Infecting someone and you did not know, but you acted reckless, that could become a felony assault charge.

We are getting to a point where DAs will start putting people in jail for doing stupid shit like Slick Rock did. So, if you’re not going to do your part to end this pandemic, at least don’t be a dick like Slick Rock. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember never trust a tree…they’re always shady! (eyes squinted and headed nod in agreement).


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