Ed-vise Episode 131

A sad day for the Royal Family GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has passed away at the long age of 99. 99!

Today’s bit o trivia: Prince Philip…of course…duh! Born in 1921 and came out of Greece. Why? Because, for whatever reason, his family was asked to leave. Never a king nor ever did he have a shot at being one. Why? Because his blood was not royal blood. His mom and dad were not British Royalty, they were Greek Royalty. Philip’s uncle was the King of Greece up until he tried to take over Ottoman Turk stuff after WW1. That was an ill-fated attempt which cost the throne of Greece and the exile of the entire family including Philip. See, he COULD have been a king…just not in Great Britain.


Free For All Friday Ed-vise today! Yessireee Bob it is FRIDAY! And the first day of the American Ju Jitsu Federation’s annual convention. Online of course. COVID sucks!

I am reading a book about consulting (big secret there right?!). It’s titled Succeeding as a Management Consultant by Kris Safarova.

The book walks through a “for profit” consulting engagement between a consulting firm and a global mining outfit.

Whenever I think about “for profit” consulting and consultants I think “people are going to be let go.” I immediately start thinking negative thoughts. Along the lines of the employees of this company are going to bear the brunt of negative recommendations from the consultants and end up terminated. After giving so much to the company in the form of their most precious resource (time), the outside consultant is going to tell the company to send them packing. As if the employees are responsible for the failures of the executive leadership.

I still have that thought. However, with this book, something jumped out to me.

The team that went to observe the actual operation of the mine made two points that caught me off guard. 1) the color of the skin of the miners versus the executives; 2) the poor safety conditions. WOW! I thought. These outside people who know absolutely nothing about the physical labor of mining noticed the safety conditions AND the cultural disparity in the workforce. And that was just the first day!

I have my beliefs on safety and health in the workplace. I wonder what these consultants will come up with knowing the poor conditions of the employees. I’m just saying.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you’re addicted to brake fluid…you can stop anytime!


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