Ed-vise Episode 151

A yoga morning stretch GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Gave myself the gift of sleeping in a bit this morning. It felt goooooodddd!

Today’s bit o trivia: Beringian Standstill Hypothesis. WHAT?!?!?! Yeah I said it! Beringian Standstill Hypothesis. You might not know this but a long time ago, like 30,000 years or so ago, there was a thing called the Bering Land Bridge. When a lot of the oceans were trapped in glaciers, a chain of islands showed up between Russia and Alaska. It is the way by which peoples from that side of the world came over to populate good ol ‘Merica. Well, sometimes, when peoples would stop on one of the islands, the oceans would fill up and “trap” the peoples on the islands for 8 to 10,000 years. Can you imagine a delay of 10,000 years? I’d be pissed. But, that is the hypothesis…that people were stuck in migration for a long time, on the Bering Land Bridge. Well, that’s what scientists say…but what do they know?


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today! I do love Wednesdays

FUEL SHORTAGE!!!! OMG!!! A fuel shortage. On the east coast.

Why? Because somebody that works for the fuel company didn’t follow the companies IT security protocols and allowed the cyber-hackers access to shutdown the system. (Head shakes back and forth). SIDE SCENARIO: you get an email you don’t recognize…delete it.

But, that brings up this week’s What Would You Do.

We rely so heavily on our internal combustion engines. Trust me when I say that even if we all had electric cars, we all would still be vulnerable to having the recharge power grid shut down. So going electric does not excuse you from preparing for the potential of losing your vehicle.

But this scenario shouldn’t be too far from the thoughts. I mean, what would you do if your car wouldn’t start. Fuel having nothing to do with it. It simply won’t start. Sure, you can call AAA or whatever your car insurance might be and get it taken care of. But, what if they said they couldn’t fix it. Now your down for extended periods of time.

Do you have a plan?

Same goes with fuel.

Understand that you cannot store high volumes of fuel at your home. You set yourself up for a bomb and a fine. So, what is the plan?

First, pay attention to the headlines. If any, and I do mean ANY celebrity with a significant following says “shortage”… get ready for it.

Second, before that happens, do you have alternatives? If not, find them. If you own a business, start table topping now for shortages of workers due to vehicles being down. Skeleton crews will have to work best.

Third, conserve your existing fuel for emergencies. Keep that stuff for a mad dash to the hospital or a fast run from the zombie apocalypse!

Just some ideas to keep you from dealing with the unnecessary panics of life. By the way, the fuel distribution network WILL re-open…just be patient. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember laughing gas is made up of the following elements: He, He, He. Get it? THEN LAUGH!!!


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