Ed-vise Episode 150

A beautiful morning walk GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! A Hershey walk and a fact breakdown from a 4 year old leaves me to say “what does that have to do with brushing your teeth?”

Today’s bit o trivia: Chadwick, Rutherford, and Thomson. Not the 3 Stooges but probably just as funny. These three were all scientists. One being the mentor of the next, and of the next. One master teaching the next master teaching the next. Which lead to mastery of discovering three parts of the atom: nucleus, neutron, and electron. JJ Thomson was first with his cathode ray tube and plumb pudding model for electrons (1903). Ernest Rutherford upped that game with gold foil and finding the nucleus (1911). Then came Mr. “Badass War Stories in a Pub” James Chadwick with his Joliot-Curie experiment (1932). I’ll write more on Chadwick tomorrow because it really is a cool story.


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

I read an insight from McKinsey Group yesterday. It talked about companies doing re-training of employees during this time of pandemic. Basically, companies investing in employee skill development.

Among the skills that were “top” on the list from companies surveyed were areas related to emotional and social skills. Leadership, managing others, adaptability and continuous learning.

Interestingly the IT type skills were not in the top tier.

Why would a company invest in these areas versus developing skills in say, IT or AI, or some other area?

Probably because we are going into the unknown and companies need people who can focus and lead into the unknown.

Unknown being that we are emerging from the pandemic. During the lockdown type situation and social upheaval, many things were exposed. For instance the need for lots of office space versus employees working remote. The wage an hour gap coming down as companies need to figure out how to fill a shortfall of employees.

The way I see it, the post-WW2 type leadership/ management and dealing with people is coming to an end. Post WW2, everyone showed up for work at the “salt mine” as my dad liked to say. Even tech folk would drive off to work somewhere to do their thing. Now, we see that does not need to happen for companies to survive. Who can lead a bunch of employees working at all different hours and regions? Leadership skill.

AI is starting to make headway. The developers are in need, don’t get me wrong. However, who knows how to lead a team to work side by side with an AI entity? Management skill.

How many existing supervisors have broke down a P&L statement to determine how much effort needs produced to generate profit for a company off the labor of an individual? For instance, a tire service company. How much time can an employee spend changing out four tires on a car before the company starts losing money? A need for continuous learning.

And all of it will require the ability to adapt and overcome. Otherwise, you end up going the way of the Buggy Whip Manufacturing Company or Kodak. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember what the Earth said to the other planets: Get a life! HAHAHAHAHA


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