Ed-vise Episode 149

A good morning workout GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Worked on a garden box this weekend and realized I put a lot more work into it that I needed…ah well!

Today’s bit o trivia: Anna Jarvis. Anna managed to get Mother’s Day into a national holiday with the help of John Wannamaker who owned a department store in Philadelphia. Anna wanted the day to be a somewhat family/ church affair and not the over commercialized fiasco we have today. It became a national holiday in 1914 when Woodrow Wilson signed it into law. Shortly after that, Anna worked to get it removed. Too late! The businesses took over and kept it on the books. Anna died having no children.


Monday Musings Ed-vise today.

Still thinking about deliberate practice and mastery stuff. I know, I know, I always think about that. Well, looking back, I do wish I knew then what I am knowing about now.

What makes it worse is that the information is not groundbreaking or new. The science behind it has been around since forever! I just didn’t have the ready access to it that we enjoy today.

One of my coaches in high school used to always say “quantity or quality.” Back then, I never really though about it other than to figure we could do conditioning drills all day or just a little while.

Turns out, that was my first introduction to deliberate practice. See, what coach was trying to tell me was to focus my efforts on achieving perfection. Perfection of the result. You can get a workout on kettle bells in 10 minutes. Or, you can do it nice and sloppy and be there forever trying to get your heart rate up and muscles tired. So it was with my practice. I could do the technique, perfectly, or I could do the crap technique over and over until I got it right.

Deliberate practice is that way. Focused effort to do it right; or continued effort until you discover what perfection looks like. Our choice. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember Gaston won the No-Belle prize. Get it? No-Belle…Gaston…HAHAHAHA


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