Ed-vise Episode 148

A rainy run GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! I know I said I would do the column later…but, oh well. Enjoy!

Today’s bit o trivia: Charity Lamb. Before there was Lizzie Borden, there was Charity Lamb. Wife and mother of six children. Well, one night, while her family ate dinner, she came up behind her husband and gave him a couple wacks with an axe. Right in the head!!! Dead as dead could be. Ran off with her eldest daughter into the night! They caught her at her neighbor’s place smoking a pipe. She told the medical examiner that she didn’t mean to hit him so hard. Only wanted to shake him up a bit. Well, Charity’s defense was actually one of the first attempts at Spousal Abuse and self defense. That defense managed to get the charge from 1st degree to 2nd degree murder. Life in prison. All in 1854 out here in the Oregon Territories (at the time).


Free For All Friday Ed-vise today! Yup…IT’s FRIDAY!!!

And guess what? ANOTHER church comes up as the epicenter of a COVID outbreak. 74 people this time AND the pastor and his wife both were in the hospital for treatment last month.

I wrote about this yesterday. It literally is driving me crazy with the churches here in ‘Merica simply REFUSING to deal with this pandemic!

But, I guess when you look back on it, the church has ALWAYS been infecting people. Literally. And I’m not talking about the word. I’m talking about the many encounters with various peoples throughout history where the “Word” was accompanied with a pandemic. So, I guess it’s only fitting that this time around, the church leaders would infect their own parishioners. Seems fair right?

Until those parishioners bring the virus out into the community. Until those parishioners infect local businesses. Until the healthcare professionals are inundated with the sick because of some fake revival put on for PR and tax free profits. Until the governments shut down small businesses because of the infections being spread due to the freedoms that the church wants to flaunt!

Get with the programs, pastors! You ARE the shepherds of your churches. Lead them to the vaccinations. Tell them to show their love and compassion for the rest of the community and keep the virus to themselves! Love your neighbor…DON’T GET THEM SICK! I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you bury someone alive you will have made a grave mistake. Yup. I said it!


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