Ed-vise Episode 147

A great GOOD AFTERNOON!!! to you all! Yup, it’s the afternoon episode. Figured I’d try the afternoon because the am one was starting to get bogged down.

Today’s bit o trivia: The Aberfan Disaster. Happened in October 1966. In Wales there is a town called Aberfan. Aberfan went from a travel inn and a couple houses to a town of over 5000 people all because of coal mining. Now, coal mining, much like any earth type mining, has a lot of waste involved with it. The Aberfan Mines generated waste. That waste was piled up in small hills around the town. For a small example, take a chunk of charcoal. Mash it up with water until it is like a paste. Now, picture a pile of it over 100 feet tall sitting on top of an underground stream. Well, that is what was around Aberfan. Plenty of rain soaked these piles until the #7 one gave way. Sent a wall of sludge 30 feet high and moving around 20mph down onto the town. First building was the school house where 116 children and 28 adults were killed just before school got going.


Think About It Thursday Ed-vise today. This one might be a bit controversial

As you all know we are in a pandemic type situation. My state issued mandates, along with many other states, which directed that large gatherings weren’t to happen. In addition, many small businesses were shut down by executive type orders. Churches were also swept into this.

I had posted in one of my blogs about a synagogue in New York overturning the governor’s orders on lock downs. Along the lines of the court calling out that the orders were selectively targeting churches. Basically, too many exceptions to the need for a lock down.

Recently, in Oregon, small businesses were ordered locked down again. Restaurants and bars bore the brunt of this. They were closed because of the POTENTIAL of being an epicenter or a large spreading event. Emphasis on POTENTIAL due to the lack of data to support that these businesses DO cause spreading.

Churches and other religious buildings were not told to stop meetings.

Well guess what? A Church in Oregon was found to be THE epicenter of a large spreading event.

And now the controversy. I am all for freedoms of religion. But I am absolutely against churches and religious gatherings that refuse, and I do mean REFUSE, to follow health guidelines. Because of that refusal to follow health guidelines, small business has had to bear the brunt of that sin.

Think About It Churches! If your members cannot make money, they won’t tithe! So do us all a favor: follow the guidelines and get vaccinated! That way we can ALL enjoy each other’s fellowship. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember it’s OK to break up with your gym if things aren’t working out.


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