Ed-vise Episode 146

A howdy howdy howdy GOOD AFTERNOON!!! to you all! Yup, I think I will change up the time for writing this from am to pm. Why? Because I can…and that’s called FREEDOM!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: Henri Landru. Ever hear of him? Weeellll here’s a little story bout a man named Henri (AKA Bluebeard). See back in the early 1900 (1914 – 1918) Henri roamed the streets of Paris hitting on widows with money. They tended to like him apparently. I guess you could say he was the first “Tender (app) Killer.” He would place ads in the local “personal” section of the Paris newspaper. Widows would feel sympathy for him and take him up on his offer to tend to their loneliness. He would then get into their money. Eleven victims came to him and he killed and cooked each one in his own oven. Ewww!!! He was convicted not because of actual body evidence but notes around his house. He earned a guillotine “CHOP!”


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. I do love Wednesdays

I read a couple articles about mental health during this COVID time. I read them periodically because my company will write them or Linkedin will have one or whatever. They show up and I’ll take a quick read.

If you read the articles, keep reading all the way through to the comments section. Too often I will see a comment that trivializes the issue. The commentator will post along the lines of “don’t be such a softy” or “at least you don’t live in (insert third world country)” or “how can you have so much prosperity and mental issues.”

So, here’s the scenario: your friend or family member or co-worker sends a text to talk. Just that “can we talk?” No more; no less. In my life, whenever those words (or similar) come at me, I know something is up. Good or bad, something is up.

In construction, suicide is a HUGE issue. And I do mean HUGE! It’s huge because you have the rough and tumble guys struggling. And they are too proud to say something. That’s construction. First responders struggle with the same thing. They would rather die sitting on that High Horse than to jump off it.

We live in a country full of so much excess but struggling with empathy. Mental health issues do not care what social class you come from. The issues take all kinds of forms. That’s why I always end my blog with “check in on each other.” It’s a call to be human and see how each other is doing. If you need to talk to someone, send the text “can we talk.” If you get that text, your response is “yes” then shut up and listen. It will save a person. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you use watches to make a belt…it’s a waist of time! Get it?!?!? HAHAHA


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