Ed-vise Episode 146

A late afternoon GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Hershey pooped twice on the walk! Twice!!! Dammit dog! Control your bowels.

Today’s bit o trivia: The Monson Motor Lodge. Nice little motel that used to be in St. Augustine Florida. Now it’s where a Hilton sits. The lodge had a pool…and a manager named Jimmy Brock. In June of 1964, St. Augustine was doing a lot of protesting regarding integration and civil rights. This hotel, much like many other hotels in the area had a policy about black people swimming in the pool. Well, several protesters decided to “dive in” the protest and jumped in the pool. That sent Jimmy over the edge. He came out with a bottle of muriatic acid and dumped it into the pool while the swimmers were in it. Google the incident and you can see the photo. Fortunately, none of the swimmers were injured because there was too much water to acid ratio. Muriatic has a ph of 1 or 2 and is used to adjust the alkaline level in the pools.


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

Had an interview for an advisor position within my company. I think it went well. Success of the interview will be determined by getting the job or receiving some actionable feedback. Both of which I would consider success.

A question came up that I did not have an answer for. Why? Because it was a process that I did not actually do. The process, in my opinion, was an upper level function that did not require my input or analysis. Again, my opinion.

I’ve had lots of interviews in my life. Plenty of questions that I knew and only a few I did not. When it came to questions I did not know, I would (and do) ask for a bit of clarification of the question to make sure I am hearing it correctly.

Now, in the past, I would fake an answer. You know what that is. It’s when you put a bunch of buzzwords together into a semi-coherent sentence in an effort to smoke screen the interviewer. It’s a survival tactic. The majority of the time the interviewer sees right through it.

For me, I was 100% OK with saying “I don’t know the answer to that question because I have not performed that function.” Simple, easy, takes the wind out of the sail and maintains your focus.

OH, and here’s something else for you my Faithful readers: even if you are doing a video interview…dress like you would for a formal interview. No reason to let your guard down and it will set your frame of mind. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember what the drummer called his two twin daughters: Anna 1, Anna2….HAHAHAHAHAHA


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