Ed-vise Episode 145

A wonderful GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! A good run this morning allowing the mind to have a little serendipity this early morning. Serendipity

Today’s bit o trivia: Macon B. Allen. Ever hear of him? No. Well, you can’t say that anymore! See back in the early/mid 1800s many black people were not considered citizens of good ol’ ‘Merica. Why? Because they were considered property. Well, that didn’t deter Mr. Allen. He went to law school and applied to be a lawyer in Maine around 1844. Maine said “No” because you’re not a citizen. So, he took the Maine Bar Exam and passed become the first African American Attorney at Law. A few years later, thinking he hadn’t had enough challenges in life, he moved to South Carolina to open the first African American owned law firm along with William Whipper and Robert Elliott. If you have nothing else to do


Monday Musings Ed-vise today

As many know, I am muscling through Robert Greene Mastery. In it, he talks about deliberate practice as did Angela Duckworth on a podcast for the Knowledge Project. Well, these both had me thinking this past weekend about practical examples of deliberate practice.

And, while I was playing Call of Duty: Cold War Zombies…it came to me.

See, deliberate practice is about quality practice. Not volume. You master things with deliberate practice.

Duckworth points out three things for such practice: A specific problem/ weakness/ challenge; Focused effort; Feedback of some sort.

Well, with COD: Zombies (for short) I engage in all three areas.

First, I have a specific problem: completing the game/ story. I haven’t completed the game and only started playing it a month or so ago.

Second, when I play, my efforts are focused on the game. Can’t really focus on anything else or you end up losing due to the pace of the game. Yes, I can pause it when my wife calls me or my Newbie needs a chair to watch. But, overall, you cannot simply walk away for a game. Usually, my game play is done solo. This allows me even greater focused effort.

Last, feedback. Now, feedback is a three part thing. The person/ entity giving it; you thinking about the feedback; and, last, applying the feedback. If these parts are not done, the feedback become criticism or trolling. With COD: Zombies I get the feedback from the game: I die. I then try to replay in my mind, what I did to die, and apply the lessons learned.

Thus, deliberate practice. So, you see, you CAN learn from playing video games! I’m just saying.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember you cannot unbutton your belly button!


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