Ed-vise Episode 160

Another rainy GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! No Hershey walk this morning…because of rain. Sorry Hershey

Today’s bit o trivia: Peter Minuit. Peter is actually kind of important when it comes to discussing cryptocurrency even though he died like 400 years ago in 1638. Legend has it that the island of Manhattan (it’s an island) was purchased for the equivalent of $24 in trinkets given to the Lenape peoples that inhabited the island. Seems cheap. But what if you were to find the original trinkets? Further, what if those trinkets had a certificate of authenticity? That $24 just became a whole lot more because collectors and historians would place a lot of value on those historical artifacts. Just like, at the time, the Lenape people placed whatever value on those trinkets. And, just like many people place value on a cryptocurrency. All that without social media.


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today.

I was on a call the other day and the concept of culture came up.


We in the safety consulting world hear this term come up all the time. A lot of time it ends up brought to the conversation along the lines of employees work habits and safety notions.

Many times the word is mentioned in the singular tense meaning an individual having culture. Technically speaking, that’s not correct. Culture is a collective/ group thing. An individual brings their “beliefs” of work to the job. The company of people provides the culture.

Here’s a leadership thing about culture: if employees aren’t doing what they are supposed to do, it is because the culture of the business is for employees to do whatever they “believe” is best. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember your brain is an amazing organ…think about it!


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