Ed-vise Episode 177

A warm Hershey Walk GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Spinning circles for a walk this morning and MAN did he have a quick pace.

Let’s Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

Do you notice how hard it is for a government to try and make amends for past actions?

Take Black and Minority Farmers for instance.

Historically, the USDA was admittedly discriminatory in it’s lending practices. They actually admitted it. Specifically lending to White Farmers and specifically NOT lending to Minority Farmers. Like legit SPECIFICALLY! All the way up to the 1990s. To cut costs at the USDA, they got rid of the department that tries to make things equal and to keep the USDA from discriminating.

Today (well not actually today but recently) a bill was passed on loan forgiveness to Black and Minority Farmers. Specifically, loan forgiveness to Black and Minority Farmers. The US gub-mint wants to make amends.

Well, a federal judge in Wisconsin put a halt on it. Why? Well, it is specifically excluding a race: White Farmers.

The loan forgiveness is for farmers of a “socially disadvantaged” group which is defined as a group that has been subject to racial or ethnic prejudice. That language does exclude White Farmers. COME ON CONGRESS! You know better than that!

Although Black and Minority Farmers have endured intentional discrimination, just about ALL farmers today are under water! Because of the use of loans to finance the operations. So, FORGIVE ALL FARM LOANS! Seems like a no brainer.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember to wear glasses when you do math because it improves DA-VISION!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA


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