Ed-vise Episode 188

An exhausted after a night with Juji GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Still managed to crawl out of bed and hit the pavement at oh-dark-thirty!

Talking Tuesday Ed-vise today

So, was on a call yesterday for a forum group of beautiful minds. We talked about the problem employers feel these days with being unable to get people to work.

One of the participants pointed out that the youth of today don’t seem to want to work. They prefer to stay home with mom and dad (or whatever combination thereof). Shoot! If I could stay home with mom and dad and not pay rent, HONEY PACK THE BAGS!!! But I digress.

Basically, the participant brought up that many kids came home from college during the pandemic. The schools went online and the kids really had no incentive to get a job. Now, with summer, they seem to still lack that incentive.

I don’t see it.

My kids both work. Son kicked in the door of NAPA at 14 and landed a job. Eldest has been working ever since she could. Newbie, she’s kind of lazy at four years old but she’s cute so she can stay.

None the less, it got me thinking. What purpose would a young adult have to go to work? In the past (and I do mean A WHILE AGO), you went to work to save the money to go to college or to buy a home. To better your life DEBT FREE! Now, FORGET IT! Home prices are through the roof and damn near unobtainable (let alone sustainable). College debt is a given. And wages are NOT GOING UP!

So, why should they? I know it sounds blasphemous to say that but why should they?

Let’s change the narrative. I say that EMPLOYERS need to come up with a good reason why people should work for them rather than EMPLOYEES coming up with the reason. Shoe’s on the other foot now. EMPLOYERS need to wake up and ask themselves WHY WOULD ANYONE WORK FOR THEM?

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a plateau is the highest form of flattery! Yup…FLATTERY!


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