Ed-vise Episode 201

A forward ambulation GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, a Hershey Forward Ambulation this morning. Hershey so happy when he gets to ambulate.

Talking Tuesday Ed-vise today. Because I like to talk!

A bit of tactical chat today. Talk about what to pack in a carry on bag.

See, for me, I have a carry on bag. It’s a ruck sack that gets alarmed almost every time someone from TSA runs a swab through it because of all the explosive shit I carried in it overseas. Stupid explosive shit.

It is flexible construction so it easily stuffs under the seat in front of me or overhead. Three compartments to structure how I pack it. That way I can quickly get my stuff out of it that I will need for the flight. However long it may be.

I usually pack an extra pair of socks and underwear. Maybe a t-shirt if it’s a really long flight. My toothbrush and toothpaste. Advil also helps (I’m over 40 now so the years of my mistress Juji Tsu are starting to hurt). A couple of pieces of entertainment (Ipad, book) and a journal so I can collect any thoughts that come to mind. Yeah, I know, I can use my Ipad for that but I like to hand write it.

The thing I really hate: when people bring their small suitcases AND a carryon onto the plane. Drives me absolutely CRAZY! I lose it (inside) seeing people stuff the overheads with these bricks and sling them overtop peoples heads. I will tell you there have been incidents of people getting seriously injured because they were struck in the head by one of these things. I will bet you that if everyone checked these things under the plane there would be far less tension on the plane. Because everyone would have a spot for a carryon and comfortable seating.

Back to the carryon.

I pack how I do just in case I end up having to stay the night in the airport. AND I did miss them this time as we ended up with United putting us in a hotel. DAMN IT!!! There is just something that brings down the stress levels of a cancelled flight when you can change your socks and underwear along with brushing your teeth. All else can go to hell, and a fresh pair of socks and underwear make it a brighter day!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember it does not matter that you choked on a Gummy Bear…You were STILL attacked by a bear! Now go brag about it!


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