Ed-vise Episode 200

A Welcome Home! GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, made it home after an overnight delay in Houston that should have been a cancelled but, whatever.

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So get after it!

Back from Texas (God bless Texas)!

Tucked the boy into his trade school so he can start becoming super successful at his life and start making a name for himself.

What was funny was how he was being introduced to “adulting.” Needless to say, his first day of “adulting” was a bit…humorous, I guess you could say.

On the flight from Houston to Portland, we had some aircraft and air crew issues which resulted in our flight getting cancelled. United said it was delayed. For me, when it’s a new plane and a new crew, and you’re not flying that day…it’s cancelled. But I digress.

When we pulled back into the terminal gate we were instructed to exit the plane and that United Customer Service would give us instruction. We get off the plane and sit in the gate area. Wife and I were probably the first 10 off.

While sitting, I could see and hear people getting off. And they were losing their EVER LOVING MINDS! People were absolutely furious that the plane was not flying. Which caused me to muse a little bit. To ponder the “why” people get so pissed at something like that.

This was not my first time having a plane delayed and then cancelled. Even with United. My first time was in Dubai. When that got cancelled, people were coming off that plane and were literally SCREAMING at the customer service people. The main customer service guy was a short person from Indonesia, who, I doubt could understand English and he smiled the entire time. I was impressed.

Couple things folks. First, screaming at the customer service people does nothing. In fact, having once been screamed at like that, I can guarantee, it makes things go slower. It’s like “well, you have told me I am a moron, so I will act like one and TAKE FOREVER on your transaction.” Work WITH the people, not against. “Help me help you.”

Second, and most importantly, a little secret: THE AIRLINES DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!!! THEY DON’T NO MATTER WHAT THEY ADVERTISE!!! The airline industry makes billions of dollars. BILLIONS! They have ready access to Congress to ask for more. Even when they splash a plane and kill everyone on board, they still make BILLIONS. They know you might choose another airline but there are not enough people doing the same thing to make a dent in their earnings. They know you want to fly and they know that once you book a ticket with them, it is cost prohibitive to change it. They got ya!

Now that you know this, if your flight gets cancelled, screaming at the customer service person or anyone else will do nothing. Other than make you look like “THAT Guy.” So, don’t be THAT Guy! Accept it and plan your next vacation while you’re sitting there. You have nothing else to do.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember whether you are 5 years old or 50 years old, a stranger with a puppy is STILL a stranger with a puppy. Jesus People! Think about it!


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