Ed-vise Episode 199

A bright and warm GOOD MORNING!!! To you all! Yup, still in Abilene and missed out on blogging the last couple days. Sorry. Tucking the boy in is a bit distracting!

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s PIZZA NIGHT…even in Abilene!

In my last post I expressed my support for Simone Biles. No change in my support what-so-ever.

The next day I listened in on the hatred being puked out by the EIB network with Buck Sexton and Clay Travis. Add to that the “Coward Tweets” by deputy attorney general in Texas Aaron Reitz and, well, I guess you could say I’m always amazed at just how STUPID some folks can achieve.

I’ll start with Buck and Clay. These two clowns wondering what impact Simone’s actions will have on their children. Add to that how these two push their children to continue to compete and now will have to explain why a potential role model could not compete.

First, understand that youth sports and club sports, AYSO and little league, or pee-wee football DO NOT RISE TO THE LEVEL OF INTENSITY AROUND OLYMPIC CALIBRE PERFORMANCE!!! The entire nation is not watching Buck and Clay’s kids play. Finally, these two clowns were never fans of Simone’s in the first place, so they really have NO IDEA WHAT SIMONE IS GOING THROUGH!

As for the immature and unprofessional “Coward Tweet” of an attorney, I must apologize for my profession.

This coward posted a tweet that Simone was a “National Embarrassment” along side of a video of Kerri Strug’s amazing vault performance when she injured her ankle. Broke it if I am not mistaken.

Want to know a secret? After Kerri said she was injured, after that vault, SHE DID NOT COMPETE ANYMORE! Kind of like when Simone said “I’m hurt.” She didn’t compete! Kerri was connected, mind and body, for that vault. If you watched Simone’s performances, you could tell she was not in synch. She was off. Something was up. She was HURT!

NO ATHLETE DESERVES CONDEMNATION FOR KNOWING THEIR LIMITS. And an attorney general should know when to keep his mouth shut!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember when the past, present and future walk into a bar…it gets tense! Think about it.


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