Ed-vise Episode 198

A Texas “Big Country” GOOD MORNING!!! To you all! Yup, I’m in Texas with the spousal support unit (God bless Texas) tucking the boy into his new life!

Talkin Tuesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s Tuesday and I’m TALKING!!!

Big news in the Olympics: Simone Biles tapping out of the Team Gymnastics. But first, I just heard Break Dancing is going to end up an Olympic event!?!?! I used to break dance. And ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! NO NO NO! I love break dancing. But NOT AS AN OLYMPIC SPORTING EVENT! They don’t allow sprinting on So You Think You Can Dance.

Anyway. Back to the topic at hand.

Back when I first started watching Olympics, I learned about the Soviet Union (USSR) and the allies of the USSR. The USSR used to have an Olympic Athlete Machine (OAM I’ll call it). They would take kids who met certain criteria and train them. The only thing these kids did were whatever sport they were chosen for. THAT’S IT! Eat, drink, sleep it. All day; every day. The kid’s family would enjoy the favors of the state: an easier life and less KGB involvement. The kid wins medals, the family continues to enjoy the gifts of the state. Lose, and the family would lose all the benefits AND then the problems would start.

Thus, a lot riding on the performance of the kid. But, they had a machine of athletes. What better motivator for a kid to do well than by threatening the well being of the family.

Here, we didn’t have that…supposedly.

Now, take Simone. Kid with promise. Leaves her family and goes to train at the compound. Eat, drink, sleep all day gymnastics. What does her family get? The benefits of the state. That is the benefit of Celebrity Parents. A bit more cash. Maybe a nicer house, car. Her brother came up on murder charges and was cleared. Imagine if he weren’t Simon Biles brother.

She earns medals, the family gets to keep the good stuff. Lose, and the nation forgets who Simon Biles is. Do you know the names of her team mates?

We need to keep in mind that these athletes started out as children and many of them are still children. At 24, the entire nation is watching her every move. Her families wellbeing is based on her performance.

Some would have little sympathy for her. They would say she volunteered for this fanfare and riches. Actually, she didn’t. Think about how easy it is to entice a young child to leave her family to become an Olympic Hero. Riches and bling. People entice little kids into vans with candy. They enticed her with jewels and gold. They say she could have quit. Well, she did and I couldn’t be more proud of her. GO SIMONE!!!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember Peter Pan was a terrible gymnast because he NEVERLANDs! HAHHAHAAHAHA


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