Ed-vise Episode 226

A being accused of yelling at a dog GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, wife and newbie both think I yell at our useless dog. Don’t know what to say. Not my fault dog doesn’t like me.

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s time to Think About It!

OK, I think I have found a fraudster. I say “think” because I lack definitive proof.

This person sparked my interest from one of my jitsu buddies. He gave me a podcast to listen to that had an interview with a Dr. Jane Ruby.

Now, I want everyone to know. If you put your message out there and you put Dr. in front of your name get ready, cause I am going to check your credentials. You can damn well bet I am going to check especially if I listened to your lecture on something.

Jane gets the red carpet at most of your conspiracy theory driven podcasts and news sites. She gets paraded around like an expert in vaccines and virology. You probably can guess her take on COVID and the vaccines. And if you guessed she is a NO WAY on a vaccine for this… you are correct.

This is what I want you to Think About: who and where are you getting information from?

I am starting to see a pattern show up when it comes to anti-vax experts: they seem to always say “I support my statements with science.” Yet you cannot find the science. The simplest of searches will not show any research around what they espouse. That is, they haven’t done any of their own research. Any scientist worth their salt will conduct their own research. They are crazy “mad” like that.

For Jane, like I said before, she put “Dr” in front of her name. Claims a PhD in Psychology. Up until now, I had yet to fail in finding a person on Linkedin that had a PhD. That is everyone I researched who earned a PhD, I could find on that site. Until Dr. Jane Ruby. Can’t find her.

IG: yes, but nothing about her credentials. One site showed she had a masters from UPF. That is a school in Barcelona Spain founded in 1990. I’ll give her the masters as that university has an online option for her degree.

Here’s the thing… this person is putting out some dangerous information. Dangerous in the sense that if you listen to her, you will be led to believe the vaccine is designed, to kill you. It isn’t. Add to that, the shows that are parading her around have a following. That following will give a person like Jane credibility due to volume. That is, if enough people tell you the sky is green, you very well will end up believing it. Or at least not disagreeing.

So, Think About It. Think about what alleged experts are saying and DO NOT FEAR CHALLENGING THEIR SCIENCE. Just because they use big words doesn’t make them smart.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the last thing to go through a flies mind when it hit the windshield of a car… HIS BUTT!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…oh man (tear).


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