Ed-vise Episode 227

A woke up and thought it was Saturday GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, couldn’t figure out why my alarm was going off. Actually, I think that means it’s gonna be a good day!

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. CAUSE IT’S FRIDAY PIZZA NIGHT AND OPEN MAT!

Was reflecting on yesterday’s post about “Dr.” Jane Ruby. The reflection was along the lines of what makes me dive into the background of someone like this.

The reality of it has to do with her putting “Dr.” in front of her name.

As you know, I practice ju jitsu. Love it. It’s my mistress. In the years of training, I have earned a black belt. Earned it. I didn’t win it. It wasn’t a one shot deal. Took years of practice and pain and sacrifice. As does anything in life worth taking note of. I so appreciate my black belt that, my black belt actually is one of the items to grab should I need to bug out in an emergency.

A PhD, I put on the same level. I do not have one of those. To earn a PhD requires an incredible amount of discipline, study, time, and sacrifice. Takes years to earn and never happens in a one shot deal. A person with a PhD has earned the privilege of being called “Doctor” if they so choose. Kind of like Jill Biden. She has a PhD in education. None the less, it would be within the realm of polite conversation to refer to her as “Doctor.”

Same thing with an MD. Although those are actually referred to as “Doctor.” I prefer to call them “Doc” just because of the nature of the relationship.

There are actually people out there who will attach unearned titles to their names. Titles such as “Doctor.” They never earned it. They never suffered through what it takes to obtain that level of study. They simply put the title before their name and nobody questioned it. Out of fear or respect or whatever.

A person that comes into a gym and claims to have a black belt in that gym’s focus, BETTER have one. If they don’t, they are QUICKLY found out. And then humiliated. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in the academic world. Or at least not enough.

I will have more respect for a person if they told me they researched a topic for years versus putting fake credentials before (or after) their name. Often times the person that has spent the years researching know more than some educators in that field.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember all the sleep I had had had had a wonderful impact on my day! Yup…that is grammatically correct!


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