Ed-vise Episode 235

A road work/ kettle bell GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, back to the road work and hitting the kettle bells. Slow at first and building up. Starting over sucks!

What Would You Do Ed-vise today. Cause it’s WEDNESDAY and I LOVE WEDNESDAY!!!

Well, it happened…again. This time at a fine dining establishment in Manhattan. Hostess attacked by 3 women.

Guess what is around the center of the attack…vaccinations and vaccine passports.

House Rules for this place (as is all of New York) is you need a vaccine passport. Basically proof of vaccination. It’s the law in New York. That aside, it’s also House Rules for this restaurant.

Now, I am not 100% on the facts for this one as they go back and forth. However, apparently just before the attack the hostess had made it known that one of this group had a fake passport.

Understand that if you accuse someone of having a fake anything, you are, essentially, calling them a liar. Vaccine passport aside, you have called them out on something. That will put people into a combative mood.

The current state of pandemic ‘Merica has half the country on vaccine and the other half in denial. Fine. But, it seems EVERYONE is will to start a fight for whatever position they have. As a business owner or employee, you must be ready for this fight. Either to protect yourself or to de-escalate the situation.

If you are a manager, I firmly believe it is YOUR responsibility to confront a guest that might be a problem. YOURS. Not your hostess. Your hostess’s responsibility is to ensure guests have a great time at your establishment. For a situation like this, the hostess should have been able to grab her boss/ manager and tell them what she thinks. Then, that “leader” can go to the table and attempt to clear up the problem. If the guest is to leave, the manager can follow them out the door to ensure no physical confrontation occurs on the way out.

As an employee, keep in mind that you are most likely NOT TRAINED to deal with a combative guest. I would encourage you to demand of your restaurant employers to have, at a minimum, some verbal judo training. De-escalation training or something. Run through scenarios on table top at the staff meetings. Ask “How will we deal with this?” Body doesn’t go where the mind hasn’t gone so start thinking about it. I say it is only a matter of time before YOU end up dealing with a pissed off customer.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you swallow food coloring…you will DYE a little inside! Get it…DYE…a little. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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