Ed-vise Episode 241

A dark barking too early GOOD MORNING!!! to you all. Yup, dog in the hood sounds like it’s getting the ever loving crap kicked out of it when it barks. Annoying little pest that it is.

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s THURSDAY…time to think about it!

I’m going on a journey. Not physically. Intellectually. So, to help me on this little journey, I am going to write out my thoughts here…on Thursdays…to Think About It.

And I am going to take you all with me on my little journey down the rabbit hole.

I am exploring cryptocurrency.

Why? Because I have no idea what it is all about and, apparently, it is all the talk in our world of money and capitalism.

According to the experts on this, crypto has created an opportunity for everyone that wants to get involved with it. A completely new frontier.

Back in the old days of ‘Merica, we had a thing called the Gold Rush. 1848, Sutter’s Mill in California, “EUREKA!” Gold! Massive rush into California to exploit the resource that was created from exploding stars.

Throughout history, gold (Au) has been the thing of value. Gold bars, Spanish treasure galleons, Egyptian Empire, Aztec Empire, Cibola (lost city of gold). Gold, gold, gold has been the currency of this earth. Did you ever ask why? What makes gold so precious and not say, maple leaves? Why does this metal get such prestige?

The answer: because someone attached value to it. Someone, a long, VERY long time ago said gold is valuable and nothing compares to it.

I bring this up, because it will be important to know that we make things valuable, because we say so! If we say something is valuable, it is. The next step is to convince someone else that the item is valuable to them as well.

This understanding that anything can become valuable if enough people believe so, will be of great importance on this little journey.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the game of Monopoly is made by one company. That’s deep.


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