Ed-vise Episode 242

A PIZZA NIGHT AND OPEN MAT GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, that means it’s FRIDAY!!! GO Beavers!

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. Because it’s PIZZA NIGHT and OPEN MAT! I know, I said it twice!

Supreme Court Justices starting (or showing) they are human.

Yessir! That is what they are doing. Showing their human side and showing us that they too assume the simian squat from time to time.

The justices have been doing their speaking engagements. Yes, they too can step out from behind the bench and give speeches to whatever organization choose to pay their speaking fees. So, they have done just that. In those speeches, they reveal that they are human.

They talk about each other and they talk about the pressures being put on them to make a decision one way or the other. They feel the weight that is put on them by social media and they feel the, sometimes, outright lies and disinformation put out by the news and False Leaders referred to as “representatives.”

They know the fire storm they had to endure to get appointed. They are very aware of the games that were played by both sides to get them appointed, to withhold appointment, to be denied. They are very aware that the Senate Confirmation Hearing was nothing more than a joke and that the people sitting on that hearing were only looking to make political points for their Cult of Personality. Questions are never asked about true legal decision making.

The justices are human and this type stuff wears on them. Even becomes threatening.

Here’s the thing though: the justices keep trying to paint the court as a non-political body.

This just keeps the heartache going. The justices are absolutely 100% political in their appointment. 100% that appointment is political. The conservative ones join the Federalist Society for it’s political views. The liberal ones join the opposing view point (not sure which organizations those are). The justices feel an obligation to continue espousing their political beliefs during their speaking tours.

The justices also try to paint a picture that their personal sentiment does not have any weight.

Absolutely wrong. Their personal sentiment plays a massive part (maybe not 100%) in their thinking and their political views. You don’t come up with the concept of “Strict Interpretation” of the Constitution for any other reason that PERSONAL!

I would encourage the court to stop trying to shield us from the idea that “justice is blind” and that the Supreme Court is not political. It only prolongs the hurt and hate. Admit the problem.

Second, be transparent. Put in the opinions the actual truth and say “in my personal opinion” or “I owe this decision to the political hack that put me in this seat.” At least the people will then have a true target for their animosity.

Oh, and get rid of the “Shadow Docket.” Secrets just piss people off.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if your tummy hurts you probably have to poop! Hmmm. You know I’m right!


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