Ed-vise Episode 245

A sore on waking up GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, sore. Did some good jitsu last night versus an afternoon session and ended up a bit sore. Still, not sore enough to avoid some Ed-vise!

What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s WEDNESDAY! And I love Wednesdays!

I love Tik Tok.

Seriously. It has some of the funniest amateur comedy going on as well as real life video of different scenarios for What Would You Do Wednesday.

In a recent one, it has a dog getting the ever loving shit kicked out of it in a park by a horse. A Belgium giant if I am not mistaken (though I could be).

See, the owner of the dog decided to let their terrier type critter run around off the leash in the park. The park had plenty of kids and people walking around and enjoying the day. Needless to say, the owner, not realizing the potential threat to everyone from a dog let the dog off. It took after a horse drawn carriage with people in it.

The dog attacked the horse. Make no mistake about it, the dog attacked the horse. And the horse kicked that dog stupid! I loved it!

On that same vein, there was another video of a person whose dog was in the dog park. Different park. This dog had an owner but no leash and no collar. Dog running everywhere and bullying the other dogs until a bigger dog put it in it’s place.

That’s the scenario: a bullying dog or a dog owner without a leash on the dog. Kids running around and carrying on. Maybe even a horse in the area. What Would You Do?

For dog owners, realize, it’s a dog…not you. You have no idea what that dog will do in public. Further, it has teeth. It will bite. Put the dog on a leash when you have a bunch of people all over the place.

Now, a dog not on a leash is one challenge for the owner. A dog without a collar makes it even worse. Because the owner must take physical hold of the dog versus just controlling it with the collar. So, how do you tell an owner of a dog to put a collar on a dog? How do you do so in a manner that the owner doesn’t blow a gasket?

First, recognize if this is your first time to the area. If you are, then you probably don’t know this person or anything about them. One method is to approach them and ask if no collar is the accepted practice. Maybe, that person doesn’t know the rule. It is in your tone of voice. If you come at them with hostility, they will react defensively and then your exchange will end up on Tik Tok. Approach with a desire to learn and of humility.

Second, learn about dogs and their behaviors. I know, seems weird. But hear me out. If you can approach with knowledge, you have more credibility. It plays out as you become the expert in dog stuff. Know the buzzwords of training a dog. Then the conversation becomes less personal to the owner. More factual.

Third and most important: you have to talk to people. We don’t do enough of that. I am just as guilty. Because of that lack of practice in conversations we end up on the wrong end of just about any conversation and end up on Tik Tok. Don’t be that guy. Practice conversations with people. Then, you have a much better chance of talking to someone in a meaningful way.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember it is knowledge that a tomato is a fruit and wisdom to not put it in a fruit salad. Yup…you will make that mistake once!


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