Ed-vise Episode 249

A sweet GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, couldn’t come up with a witty pre-good morning statement so I went with an easy one! Either way…GOOD MORNING!!! Also I put a picture of my table project below.

What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s WEDNESDAY! And I love WEDNESDAY!

Recent post on Tik Tok (I love Tik Tok) provides the scenario of the day.

Actually, these are becoming all too common. Too many times people getting on a plane and NOT DOING WHAT THEY ARE TOLD TO DO! You’re in a GODDAMN PLANE! DO WHAT THE ATTENDANTS TELL YOU TO! But I digress.

Hopefully, if people read this these posts, they can have an idea of how to deal with these piss drunk juveniles that want to make a name for themselves and start a fight.

Let me start this one with the following: well trained fighters do NOT start fights. They simply don’t. Poorly “trained” fighters do. Why? Because they THINK they know how to fight. They don’t. They know how to posture; how to yell; how to make it seem like they can cause damage. In the end, well, their poor rears it’s ugly head and leaves the “Mouth” screaming for a lawyer (gotta love those Lawyers).

So, in this scenario, person confronted is sitting in the middle seat. Another passenger on the aisle. Middle Seat believes himself the World Champion and begins yelling threats at the flight attendant. Bad situation has begun.

Person on the aisle, this is for you: PUT YOUR DAMN PHONE DOWN AND GET READY! COME ON MAN!!! That person on the aisle sat looking at his phone and trying to ignore the screaming passenger threatening the attendant. Big guy too. Obese, unfortunately. But still, more than a speed bump.

When I say “get ready” what I mean is start getting ready to move…and quickly! Phone away; feet firmly planted. Seat belt off. Where you are going to move located. When you have a person screaming obscenities and threatening bodily harm, that person is not trying to win friends! They are threatening violence! DO NOT IGNORE THIS SITUATION! It isn’t ignoring you.

In the video, Middle Seat decides it is time to take on the flight attendant. He stands up and indirectly attacks the Aisle Seat as he storms over the top. Middle Seat shoves aisle seat by the head and pushes him out of the way. This came as a shock to Aisle Seat because he sure acted like he was totally surprised. Why? BECAUSE HE WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION!

In tight quarters (like a plane) a large bodied person can make a HUGE difference. Had that person been paying attention, his large obstructing body would have been a major obstacle to that violent person. So much so that the person could easily have ended up underneath said large body and subdued. Instead, Aisle Seat felt that his Candy Crush game, or whatever, was FAR safer than PAYING ATTENTION!

I’m just saying.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember ghosts are bad at telling lies because you can right through them. BOOO!!!


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