Ed-vise Episode 257

An IT’S FINISHED! GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, finished the workbench and put a picture below for your viewing pleasure. A bit of woodworking porn!

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So get after it!

Well, like I said, this workbench is finished. It is one heavy bastard and it is sturdy as hell. I have to put some casters on it at some point. However, they won’t be the type where I have to pick up the bench to put them on. They’ll be the type I can step on to engage.

This was an extremely challenging piece for me. I say “piece” like I’m some type of artist…HA!

Not so much in the size and weight of the thing but in the different carpentry stuff I had/ wanted to use. Mortise and tenon joints for instance; making sure it is level (no brainer); the top through bolts. Probably one of the biggest areas of improvement for me to work would be alignment.

See, on the bottom shelf, there are two pieces that span from one leg to the other. Although those two are level, they are not aligned which creates a slight “V” to the frame that makes up the shelf. Pretty easy to fix. Just need to cut different length support pieces.

Through bolts on the top. Well, each of the 19 boards has 4 holes. Spaced at 10″, 24 3/4″, 54 3/4″, 67 1/2″. The 10 and the 67 1/2 ones are good. Bolt went through no problem. 24 and 54, not so much. Apparently my tape measure ran out of batteries as I was measuring and some boards did not get the hole at the correct spot. Instead of checking this before I glued the boards together, I bulldozed my way through and, well, only have two bolts rather than four going through the top. DAMMIT!

On a cool note, I did learn a new trick with my skillsaw which I am super excited to try out on my next project!

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember when ghosts go on vacation they go to MALI-BOO! HAHHAHAHAHA…BOO


Workbench DONE!

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