Ed-vise Episode 260

A Braves stunk last night GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, after dominating Houston in game one of the World Series, Atlanta decided to take the night off and let Houston pummel them. Not the best strategy, but, that’s why I’m not the coach.

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s THURSDAY! So let’s think!

Big buzz in the crypto space about Shiba Inu. It is up in something of a big way you could say. All the way to .00007 from .00003.

Now, if you you watch Tik Tok, there are literally hundreds of people posting about being a millionaire or better because of this crypto coin. And, when you do the math, they might have that number in their account.

Why would this crypto go up in value? Because someone is willing to pay that price for it.

If you put in $100 into Shiba at .00003 you would own over 3 million cryptos of Shiba. Sell it at .00007 and you would have over $210 back. You can do the math with larger numbers if you want to come up with larger payback.

Bitcoin is selling for over $60,000. Sixty grand for a crypto coin that has no physical reality, only existing in the digital world. Crazy!

Seems there are a few ways a person can get crypto.

One way is mining it. That’s where you go in with a mining hardware unit that runs through a bunch of computer programing stuff and ends up earning a coin. Bitcoin being the original coin that came out of mining. Earn yourself one of those and you now own a coin worth $60,000! The problem is the amount of electricity it costs to power the hardware for long enough to earn a coin. ALSO, the average Joe would be in competition with some heavily funded entities with large scale operations.

Usually, the electricity thing is the prohibitive factor for most when it comes to mining. The cost of the “rigs” isn’t too bad ranging in price from $1000 to $10,000.

As I have looked at different things, one area that I think would do well in the crypto mining space is an industry that is always hard pressed for profit: the agriculture sector.


I KNOW!!! Probably THE MOST adverse to looking at something like crypto mining! But, hear me out.

In Wisconsin (and other states) you have an industry called “Dairy.” Those dairy farms have lots of cows that crap all the time. Some of those farms, wisely, invested in what’s called a Bio-Generator. Basically it is an electricity generator powered by bio-fuel made by, you guessed it, cow shit. So much electricity generated they sell the electricity to the local power grid.

All of your ag products (fruits, veggies, animal shit) can produce the bio-fuel for such generators.

Now, if a farmer set up to have a bio-generator on their property, they could take that barn or shop and set up their mining rigs. The electricity is taken care of. 24/7 power that they don’t pay for out of pocket going directly to their mining operation.

I think there are a lot of farmers that could be Elon Musk type rich at this time…or going forward. Think About It

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember cows have hooves because they LAC-TOSE!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA


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