Ed-vise Episode 261

A way to go Green Bay! GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, Aaron and the boys managed to squeak out a win over the unbeaten Cardinals. Call it luck if you want but a win is a win and Green Bay will take it!

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. Because it’s FRIDAY PIZZA NIGHT! And open mat (which I will miss…Again…GRRRRRR).

MAN! People becoming violent!

American Airlines flight attendant accidentally bumped into a first class passenger. First Class felt slighted. DURING THE FLIGHT the dude gets up, walks to the front of the plane where the attendant was standing, and punches her twice in the face. Broke her nose and sent her to the hospital.

One of the “Haves” taking from one of the “Have Nots.” Yup, that’s a “Class War” analogy.

You can say that I need to step back and analyze the situation from his point of view before casting judgment.

Nope. I simply cannot see any reason what so ever for First Class to get up and punch the attendant. I simply cannot and refuse to.

I will pass criticism to the person who was with First Class. She, I believe, did nothing. Nothing. What could she have done? Gone with him to the front. Been an additional person standing by to assist the attendant. Pay attention or something. ANYTHING other than watch her damn friend punch someone out for no reason. COME ON MAN!

This is for the attendants.

You guys must, and I mean MUST, start playing heads up ball and start playing defense.

Pay attention when a person is getting up and coming toward you. A person about to attack you will make eye contact with you because you are their target. If you are standing between them and the bathroom, step aside as they approach. If they keep looking at you, they are coming to you.

All conversations must be ready to get ugly. For the most part, people will play nice. However, when they don’t, look out and be ready.

For the passengers (not First Classes friend).

Pay attention. You cannot possible tell me you did not “feel” the tension building as this attack took place. You might not have been able to place why you felt uncomfortable but you had to know something was up. It is so rare that a person just gets up and attacks someone without telegraphing. Very rare. The victim might not see it coming but the “tell” is there.

Stop scrolling the phone and start paying attention. Get involved. I know you might have a belief that “it is not your problem.” However, when the plane had to land because of a violent passenger, guess what? IT BECAME YOUR PROBLEM!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a cow in an earthquake is called a MILK SHAKE! HAHAHAHHA…MOOO!


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