Ed-vise Episode 267

A chilly Hershey Walk GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, Hershey took me for some Forward Ambulation this morning and it was cold on the hand. Oh well, he loved it!

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So GET AFTER IT!

OK, I have to put my two cents in about Aaron Rodgers.

In case you missed it, Rodgers has created a bunch of controversy due to his definition of “immunized” versus what the rest of the world sees as vaccinated.

Now, Rodgers has recently stated that he is allergic to stuff found in the Phizer and Moderna vaccines. OK, fine. Many people are.

He also made known that he does not trust the Johnson and Johnson vaccine due to the clotting issue. OK, fine. I can get behind that. It’s super hard to overcome that type of trust issue.

He chose alternatives. Ohhh…Kaaay? Not sure on this one but I will hear him out.

He consulted with Joe Rogan for treatments. Not OK. Mr. Rogan, for being the conversationalist and celebrity podcaster that he is…IS NOT A DOCTOR!

Here is the big issue. During a press conference or interview, he was asked if he was vaccinated. He replied that he was immunized. Hmmm. Interesting.

The NFL does not mandate vaccination for the players. Highly recommends but no mandate.

Now, we can play a bit of “Lawyer Ball” on this. Terry Bradshaw on Sunday called out Rodgers for lying about being vaccinated. Valid argument made about truth and understanding. Rodgers did not say he was “vaccinated.” He said he was “immunized.” Two different words with different definitions yet have been made to have similar meaning.

Now, here’s an angle that does require a bit of thought and is the current thinking on “herd immunity.” Even if he received the vaccine, he still would have been able to transmit the virus. It has been established that the vaccine will protect you. However, it does not prevent the spread of the virus. That’s why we still wear masks.

The logic of “Herd Immunity” is that the virus cannot continue to live if everyone is protected. Basically, the virus has no cells to create more of itself and becomes extinct. Like small pox.

I see the outrage toward Rodgers being that people feel like he lied to them about being vaccinated. Add to that the notion that he is a spreader of the virus. In reality, we are all spreaders of the virus. He made it possible for the virus to thrive. And he led everyone to think he was not cultivating an environment (within his body) that continues the fight against this pandemic.

You could probably call it “aiding and abetting” the enemy.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a zombie cooking Asian Cuisine is a Dead Man WOK-ING! HAHAHAHAHAHHA…Get it?!?!


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