Ed-vise Episode 272

A warm Hershey Forward Ambulation GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, Hershey took me out for a walk this morning. Quick pace set by him made his fat butt tired! Yeah, I called him fat. Cause that is what he’s getting. Have to rein that in.

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So GET AFTER IT!

Dad Update: he is improving! We are planning to head south, first part of December, to see him in person. My son was able to video chat with him and let us know that Dad is looking better!

In conversation with my mom, we talked about the amount of disability he receives from the VA. See, if you were in the service, and injured as a result of your service, you receive a certain percentage of pay based on your disability. I’d like to say the VA has a simple formula for calculating it…but they don’t.

Because of loud booms, I get 10% for tinnitus. Military does not pay for hearing loss but they will pay for tinnitus. Dad has almost no hearing due to his military work as an air weapons controller and old school radio headsets. He gets 10%. See how it works? Me neither.

In addition to his hearing loss, while in Vietnam, he was exposed to Agent Orange. That was a chemical that the US military figured would be a game changer in the war of US Aggression. It was. It caused a lot of good people to suffer further out in time. The thinking probably that the suffering will occur so far later in time that nobody will be able to prove it was Agent Orange.

Here’s the problem: Veterans. Those exposed to things like Agent Orange who have this stupid idea that they cannot speak up about it.

Where did they get that idea? From The Greatest Generation! That’s who!


Us veterans, we did serve our country. We did our job and most of us came home. If you are hurt or feel pain or just don’t feel right (physically or mentally) after coming home or leaving service…SPEAK UP GODDAMIT! Tell your doctor!

My grandfather died from breast cancer that he ended up with because he was exposed to nuclear radiation at Hiroshima and/or Nagasaki. He did NOT SPEAK UP. Granted, he would have passed away eventually but not from that. Not from that pain. The US Military Industrial Complex did that to him and his family and he is OWED!

My dad had been exposed to Agent Orange. He has not spoken up on it. I found out from him as he talked to me about his tour and I did a little background research. HE IS OWED!

Yes, he volunteered to serve. Grandad volunteered as well. I volunteered. We volunteered to uphold and defend the Constitution of Good Ol’ ‘Merica. NOT TO GET POISONED BY THOSE WHO PROFIT OFF WAR!

I’m just saying (I’ll keep you posted on this shit show)

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a full turkey is considered…STUFFED! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Get it?


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