Ed-vise Episode 271

A listening to a boring CLE GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, a Trusts and Estates CLE starting off with a white noise speaker. One tone with minimal fluctuation. ALL DAY webinar baby!!!

Free for all Friday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s FRIDAY PIZZA NIGHT and OPEN MAT!


That was the concert that took place in Houston recently resulting in, now, 9 people dying. They were crushed to death in the mob.

I didn’t get to them on Wednesday’s What Would You Do due to wanting to comment on a different issue. So, I am making up for it today.

Facts and video coming out show a mass of people all pressed against each other tightly. I mean people cannot move due to the crush. Folks are screaming to the performer to stop the show and help get people out. Ambulance trying to drive through the crowd that will not get out of the way. It is a bad situation…and not the first time.

And that is the problem: IT’S NOT THE FIRST TIME!

Venues are not paying attention to the mass of people at what a mob will do. The venue is not paying attention to the history of the performer and they are NOT PLANNING for the potential problem such as what we see now: the killing of 9 people.

Which leaves us, as the Concert Goers, to figure out how to protect ourselves.

Your personal safety ultimately falls on you. You must pay attention to what is going on. it might seem odd but you can “feel” when the press of the crowd is NOT FUN and when things are about to turn bad. That is called FEAR. It is a genuine gift that is all too often ignored.

A couple of tips for you.

First, in a moving mob, a stampede so to speak. Think of it like a river. If you run toward it, it will knock you down and drown you. Run in the direction the mob is moving and you might not be fast enough. Instead, look to the sides. Drift a bit forward and to the sides out of the river. Get out of the river and you will survive. As I get better with WordPress I will post a diagram.

Second, in a stationary mob, like at Astroworld, the problem is tougher. It is more like being stuck in tar or concrete. Recognize that you are in this type mess. You cannot walk through it as you normally would. You have to use your body as a blade. Lead with your shoulder but you can also lead with your hand. Like swimming. If you can push your hand through the crowd you can push your shoulder, then the rest of you.

If you fall, you have a problem. If the crowd is not moving, keep crawling. If they are stampeding, I would say get into a fetal position. Hold tight to your knees. If you flatten out, you will get stomped. You are going to take bruises. Probably a broken bone or two. Keep those knees tight and head tucked between. Probably your best shot to live.

Crowds like that suck. If you are going to go to something like that, take a few minutes to figure out how you are going to get out. It will give you something more than the rest.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a haunted turkey is a POULTRY-GEIST! BOOOOO! HAHAHAHAHA


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