Ed-vise Episode 299

A sneaky puddle walk GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, almost stepped in two deep puddles on my little forward ambulation this morning. Sneaky pits of water. Don’t know if you’ve ever walked in cold wet socks, but, I HATE it!

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s THURSDAY! Time to THINK!

Did you ever wonder why people work for people or organizations that they hate? Toxic work environments? Like at better.com for that ass clown CEO that set the company up for massive lawsuits from 900 ex employees that he fired over zoom. Or the Activision executives that blatantly sexually harassed female employees.

The companies are still around. Why do employees stay? I mean by my thinking, better.com should have ZERO remaining employees based on the actions of that CEO.

How about the treatment of Amazon employees or the negligent safety treatment of Tesla factory workers. If the company sucks, why do employees stay?

For me, I think the answer is in FEAR. The people FEAR the unknown.

See, most of these employees know what it’s like to not have a job and to wonder IF they will be able to make ends meet. Pay rent; pay mortgage; doctor bills, provide food. All of the concerns of a country whose economic principals are based on debt.

Many probably FEAR what others may think. They have fallen into the belief of their parents or grandparents that the company will take care of hard workers. That companies only fire bad employees. That dream, although nice, stopped in the 70s when HUMANS became a “RESOURCE” on the bottom line of the company P&L statement. To be let go for the company to make profit or prove a point.

When I Think About It, the phenomenon of people staying with shitty jobs seems like an abusive relationship. Like a legit abusive marriage. Where one spouse beats up another and the victim stays. When the victim is being treated like garbage, they pick up a mindset of “maybe it’s my fault.” “I’ll just keep taking it because I am afraid of the unknown.”

I’ve worked for shitty companies with shitty bosses. Was treated like garbage and felt it was my fault for how things were going. Was afraid to leave for fear of the unknown. Fear of not knowing how I would take care of my family. Treated like crap at work and would act like an ass at home.

The BEST thing that happened was when I left those companies. Every single time my family and I landed on our feet.

In today’s economy, if you work for a shitty company or for a shitty boss, NOW is the time to jump ship. Don’t give two weeks because companies don’t have to give you two weeks notice. Simply pack your stuff, tip your hat to your friends, and walk out the door. Even flip off the ass boss on your way out.

There are plenty of other jobs out there better than any shit company you work for now. The safety nets are there. Let a bad company know they suck by voting with your feet.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if someone has lost their Christmas spirit, you can nurse them back to ELF! HAHAHAHAHA…take two candy canes and call me in the morning!


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