Ed-vise Episode 300

A storm blowing last night GOOD MORNING!!! to you all. Yup, some heavy rain and wind blew through town. Follow that with the little, tiny ”chirp” of the smoke detector battery going out resulting in an early morning trip downstairs to deal with it. Fun times!

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s FRIDAY! Christmas Eve so no pizza but a 9am OPEN MAT!

TSA has restarted mandatory self defense training for flight attendants and personnel associated with air travel. Restarted because it was stopped due to rumored pandemic.

I love it. Think it a great tool for these people, and anyone else, to have in their tool chest.

The article I read about it showed the participants squared up as a boxer ready to punch or receive a punch. Not the greatest looking stances, but at least it is something.

When it comes to self defense stuff, most participants that take the one day class, leave it at that. In assisted living they offer a one day training on self defense. After that, the employees rarely, if ever, train it. So, when they need it, it isn’t there.

These flight attendants will probably endure the same thing. A one day class and they will leave it at that and hope not to need it.

And for training like this to happen…it takes very little. Seriously. You don’t need a mat or a gym or anything like that. The venue is right there. When the plan lands, one attendant can stage a scenario for another attendant. When waiting, two can trade hands. A light shadow boxing session. Shoot! I’d even be willing to help out!

But, the other thing, is that the airlines need to change there business model a bit to ALLOW the training. Give the employees the time, a couple minutes, to run through a scenario and do some light shadow boxing or light stand up stuff. After all, you employers KNOW of the hazards of a violent workplace. YOU need to create an environment conducive to empowering the employees to defend themselves.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember what Adam said the night before Christmas…”It’s CHRISTMAS, EVE!” HAHAHAHAHAHA…biblical


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